Timme Jacobs


This site is designed as a help for English students and TESOL Professionals alike.

Feel free to visit any of links to the left.

There is a link entitled "Teaching Philosophy." This page will tell you my pedagogical approach to teaching and learning English as a second or foreign language.

The "About Me" page tells a little about my personal education and teaching background.

 "Resources" is a list of links to a plethora of websites for learning and teaching English.

Lesson plans broken down by level are also available through the "lesson plans" link.

There are  also some great practice activities available at the sister site The English Well. It's just a click away.

The last great resource available through this site is an interactive writing blog available through the "Language Learning" tab. There are assigments posted, all you have to do is click on one and comment. Your feedback will be available shortly!

 Enjoy the site!


p.s. please forgive the gaudy advertisement at the top ;^)